Privacy Policy

Intown Financial strives to help our clients and make our community a better place. We worry about your privacy and know you do too.

Types of Information

If you choose to let us help you with your finances, we will of necessity have access to personal information about you, although the types of personal information we collect and share will vary based on the services you have with us. This information might include your Social Security number, legal name, account numbers and balances, or credit history. We protect that information with standards compliant with relevant law… but mostly because it’s what we would want too.

Sharing Your Information

We do not share any nonpublic personal information about our clients, except as required by law. If we think your situation might call for an outside opinion or third party involvement, we’ll ask you first.

Keeping Your Information

We keep records, sometimes including your personal information, in compliance with laws and professional guidelines. Your old information will be protected to the same standards as your current information. Even if you’re no longer our client, you will always have that guarantee.